New Features and Roadmap: Hera V2

  • Offer best price for swaps
  • Fast, user friendly UX and gas optimization
  • All-in-one access to decentralized finance
  • Ai powered pathfinder and chainfinder
  • Hera Guard feature: Zero slippage swap option
  • Automatically stay up to date with the latest tokens and liquidity sources
  • Make swaps a revenue source by adding your own platform fee to the transaction
  • Set their caching options to make their swap as speedy or as precise they wish to be.

Features on Hera V2:

Hera Guard

  • No Any Slippage
  • All-In Cost Definition
  • No Unexpected Tax
  • Under Hera Protection

Multichain Compatible

AI Powered Pathfinder

Swap Fee Distribution

Utility Token


  • Core: RPC Model Upgrade
  • Live: New Website and Docs
  • Launch: Hera Aggregator v2 on Metis
  • Upgrade: AI Powered Pathfinder
  • Launch: Multichain Compatible (Avalanche & Fantom & Aurora & Cronos)
  • Core: AI Powered VaultManager
  • Core: New AMM Integrations
  • Staking Portal: Farming
  • New: Aggregator Leaderboard
  • New: Hera Analytics Portal
  • Hera: Governance & DAO
  • Core: SDK for Hera Dex Aggregator
  • Core: New Chains & AMMs
  • Features: Live Stats for Aggregator
  • Launch: Hera Dashboard | Multichain
  • Dex Aggregator: Multi Token Swap & Aggregator
  • Features: Yield Optimizer on Dashboard
  • Core: Limit Order on Hera Aggregator
  • Core: PMM Integrations



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Hera Finance

Hera Finance

Hera directly connects AMM pools together no matter the provider and will find all direct/multihop routes between any two tokens on multichain.